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Rental Terms & Conditions

Nova Travel Club customers and members of their party acknowledge the following:

1. Vacation rental purchases on Nova Travel Club are not confirmed until the customer receives a copy of the final resort confirmation number from Nova Travel Club. A Nova Travel Club purchase/receipt ID number does not constitute confirmation of a reservation.

2. Nova Travel Club highly recommends that its customers and members of their party refrain from making any flight and/or transportation arrangements until they have received the final resort confirmation number from Nova Travel Club. Nova Travel Club shall not be held legally or financially responsible for any customer/member flight(s) and/or transportation cost(s) in the event that the purchased vacation rental(s) is/are not confirmed.

3. The Nova Travel Club customer's credit/debit card used for purchase will be pre-authorized for the total amount of vacation rental(s) purchased, but will not be charged until the vacation rental(s) is/are secured by a representative of Nova Travel Club.

4. The primary tenant of all Nova Travel Club vacation rentals must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

5. Nova Travel Club customers and members of their party agree to comply with all rules and regulations of the resort, maintain excellent care of the rental unit and resort property, and not assign or sublet the rental unit to another party.

6. Nova Travel Club customers and member of their party will be held financially responsible for any federal, state, local, or resort occupancy taxes, fees, or surcharges, all personal parking, phone, amenity, and service charges, replacement of missing items, or damage to the unit or resort.

7. Nova Travel Club will make every effort to accurately describe the availability and features of its vacation rental listings. However, resort rental availability, room/building numbers/views, room furnishings/amenities, number of beds/bedrooms/bathrooms, taxes and fees, or any other information contained on Nova Travel Club vacation rental listings and/or any verbal, digital, or print communication of such information to a customer is subject to change at the sole discretion of the resort in the unlikely event of over-booking, natural disaster, or some other emergency.

8. There are no refunds or cancellations of purchases made on Nova Travel Club for any reason. Nova Travel Club advises customers to purchase travel insurance to protect their rental purchase(s) from emergency situations that might prohibit them from taking full advantage of their resort accommodations.